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Get your money faster and easier than with a traditional loan

This is a one time, lump sum advance in exchange for a percentage of your future sales. A cash advance is not a loan, has no interest rate and will not appear in your balance sheet as financial debt. This provides an alternative financial solution for business owners that do not qualify for a short term loan.

  • Funding max of $2,500,000

  • Term lengths between 2 and 18 months

  • No collateral required

  • Repayment via automated ACH debit – daily or weekly

  • The difference between the amount you receive and the amount of your future sales you sell is tax deductible (consult your accountant)

  • Builds business credit

  • Same day approvals

  • Funding within 1 business day


  1. You agree to sell $24,000 of your sales over the next 12 months, for $20,000 today.

  2. Every business day, for the next 12 months, a small percentage (usually 10% or less) of your daily sales is remitted to the purchaser via automated ACH withdrawal from your business bank account.

  3. This is a fixed dollar amount and in this case, would be $100/day. By setting a fixed daily (or weekly) dollar amount, it simplifies accounting and allows you to properly manage your cash flow